Keystone SMILES Alternative Education Program

Alternative Education


The Mission

To provide alternative education and mentor services to students with at-risk behaviors or individualized educational needs through teaching strategies and curricula in academics, community service-learning, and social development to achieve school success with the ultimate outcome of eliminating school suspensions.



Keystone SMILES Crossroads program is one of its kind in a three county region.  School districts have an alternative for modifying educational plans for at-risk students addressing school drop out, behavioral, and academic barriers for their school systems.  The  Keystone SMILES Crossroads program  is an approved Alternative Education  Private Provider through the PA Department of Education and an approved  Educational Tax Credit program.  Students participate in service as an integral part of their curriculum to help develop leadership and self-sufficiency skills while enhancing their academic curriculum in life - long learning.


Program Objectives

ó Students will improve their social skills by learning how they can contribute to society.

ó Students will improve their classroom self-discipline skills to help maintain positive behavior to enhance learning success.

ó Students will enhance their citizenship skills by providing service to their community integrating academic skills through a service-learning curriculum.

ó Students will improve their academic status from failing to passing in their subjects or on next grade level using a curriculum aligned with PA State Standards.

ó Crossroads will help ensure all students have the opportunity to graduate and be successful.


Program Statistics

ó 189 students have participated in the program

ó 177 completed the program successfully (94%)

ó 92.4% of student increased their GPA

ó 43 of 44 (98%) participating seniors received earned their high school diploma