For Families

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Resources for Families




The mission of the center is to promote academic, social, and developmental growth in children age’s three to six by providing quality learning experiences designed to encourage school success for young children.


Alternative Education

The mission of the program is to provide alternative education and mentor services to students with at-risk behaviors or individualized educational needs through teaching strategies and curricula in academics, community service-learning, and social development to achieve school success with the ultimate outcome of eliminating school suspensions.


McGinnis Memorial Awards

Provided to participants of an outstanding service project or activity addressing human needs, environment, public safety or education which benefited an individual or group. The annual Ross McGinnis Memorial Service Awards are awarded annually on June 14th. Applications are now being accepted.


Renfrew Memorial Scholarship

The fund will be used to annually award scholarships to preschool students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend a preschool program.


Summer Youth Programs

Keystone SMILES offers a well rounded summer program that focuses on areas of exploration for young minds and bodies.


Parent Volunteer Exchange Program

In exchange for committing to volunteer service which supports Keystone SMILES, parents may receive a reduction of tuition fees in exchange for volunteering.


Volunteer Opportunities

Keystone SMILES offers a number of volunteer opportunities. Get involved and Make a Difference in your Community!