Parent Volunteer Exchange Program


Parent Volunteer Exchange Program



Keystone SMILES (Service Making an Impact through Learning Experiences with Students) strives to offer affordable summer and preschool programming to area families. We understand, however, that there may be times when the cost of these programs presents a challenge for families for a variety of reasons. It is our mission to ensure that all children have the opportunity for program services while meeting the agency’s financial and resource obligations. As a means of helping a family finding themselves in a “season” of hardship, the Helping Hands Parent Volunteer Exchange Program has been established.


Any family whose student(s) are enrolled in Keystone SMILES programming with financial hardship or sudden loss of income may elect to apply for the Parent Volunteer Exchange program. In exchange for committing to volunteer service which supports Keystone SMILES, parents may receive a reduction of tuition fees.  All tuition fee decisions for the Helping Hands Parent Volunteer Program will be made by the Keystone SMILES Board of Directors. Volunteer service may take the form of fundraising events, facility maintenance, or special community outreach activity support.


Download Application and send to:

Helping Hands
c/o Keystone SMILES
P O Box 352
Knox, PA 16232