YouthBuild USA Affiliate (House of Trades)Program






The mission of YouthBuild USA is to unleash the intelligence and positive energy of low-income youth to rebuild their communities and their lives. Keystone SMILES  “House of Trades “is an affiliate of the national YouthBuild program  since 2013 following the example of providing disadvantaged youth with necessary academic, occupational and employment skills to attain self-sufficiency and a competitive advantage in securing employment and a brighter future by engaging in home renovations to provide affordable housing for low income families.

Today, there are 273 YouthBuild programs in 46 states, Washington, DC. and the Virgin Islands engaging approximately 10,000 young adults per year.

YouthBuild combines the following services for youth ages 16-24;

·        alternative education,

·        job training and pre-apprentice opportunities,

·        community service,

·        leadership development and civic engagement,

·        youth development  and

·        community development.

Keystone SMILES House of Trades’ staff has been trained to provide youth with the nationally accredited and recognized NCCER construction curriculum, while also helping them to earn their high school diploma or GED. Participants are ushered through both self-set and program-set goals of achievement. Focus is set on goals that will lead these youth to be successful adults of their communities once they have completed their House of Trades education and training program. Participating youth are driven to get a driver’s license, register to vote, and explore future options such as employment, apprenticeships, post-secondary education or military placement.

House of Trades runs in 3 year cycles. Youth are actively engaged in the employment training and education components for 2 years and followed throughout a third year with guidance with their chosen placement. Partnerships with schools, case management agencies and employers ensure we are able to give each youth a strong foundation and the support they need to start out on their own.


 For more information on how you can become involved in Keystone SMILES YouthBuild USA Affiliate Program (House of Trades), contact Joyce Fosdick at at Keystone SMILES at 814-797-1184 or by email