Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

What is Progressive Agriculture Safety Day?

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days™ are as fun as they are educational. These one-day events teach children safety lessons that can keep them and those around them safe at home, or on a farm or ranch.

At a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day™, participants are divided into small groups of 10 to 15.  These groups each have leaders who help the groups rotate between stations where specific topics are taught.  To facilitate learning, program manuals contain safe, educational, age-appropriate, fun, hands-on activities, and demonstrations for a variety of topics.  The small groups allow all children to participate. Dynamic local volunteer instructors are recruited to teach the topics from the lesson plans found in the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day™ Activity Manual.

Keystone SMILES Progressive Ag Day Stats:

An average of 406 volunteers  are needed to provide 3,936 hours of service to plan, prepare, and implement this annual event.  Each year an average of 880 students attend the two day event from Clarion, Venango, and Forest public and private schools.

Clarion County: A-C Valley, Clarion Area, Clarion- Limestone, Forest Area, Immaculate Conception, Keystone, North Clarion Area, Union and Redbank in Clarion County. Forest County also attended the Clarion Event. 

Venango County:  Cranberry, Franklin, Oil City, Valley Grove and St. Patrick’s, St. Stephen's.

What the Schools Provide

School districts provide transportation and lunches for students attending the event.  

 What the Students Receive

The Progressive Insurance Company provides the insurance and t-shirts. Students also received a baseball hat, plants, sun beads, first aid kits, and other educational materials to share with family members. 

After Event Activity: We have a family activity planned as a follow-up to the day’s event.



For more information on these events, become a sponsor, or volunteer, please contact
Keystone SMILES Director, Joyce Fosdick:

814.797.2127 Ext. 226 or online at the link below.

Contact us for more information about SMILES Safety Day

Agriculture Safety Day for Clarion, Venango & Forest Counties

Keystone SMILES Community Learning Center teams up with Progressive Agriculture Foundation to provide annually safety days for second graders who attend public and private schools.  The program relies on 100  volunteers and local cash donations to implement the program yearly.   Keystone SMILES hopes you will donate to this service project.  Thank you in advance for you help!

Examples of Past Safety Day Topics 

ATV Safety

Animal Safety 

Big Equipment Safety

Chemical Safety

Dental Care

Dog Bites/Obedience


Disaster Prep

Drugs and Alcohol

Electrical Safety

Farm Equipment Safety

Fire Safety

First Aid


Grains (Food)

Grain Bins and Wagons

Gun Safety

Hearing Safety

Hidden Hazards

Safe Animal Handling

Lawn Equipment Safety

 Planting (Conservation)

Safety House

Sun Safety

Traumatic Brain Injury

Tractor Rollover

Tractor Safety


Each year, Keystone SMILES, Safe Kids Clarion Venango, community volunteers and AmeriCorps members and other resources for the event are generated for students to attend Progressive Agriculture Safety Days in Clarion and Venango Counties of PA.