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My AmeriCorps placement was my first experience working with elementary school aged students, which I loved! After AmeriCorps, I continued working as an after school tutor while completing my master's, and I now work in an international school in Thailand providing English language support to elementary school students.  ~Jackie Wice, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, Salvation Army, 2008

"My educational award helped me graduate debt-free from Gannon University, which is something I am incredibly thankful for. "~ Kathryn Kapp, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, SMILES Summer Corps, 2015

"I sincerely believe that my AmeriCorps service was a big part of why I was hired over other candidates in a very competitive interview process."  ~Daniel Drum, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, Girard School, 2015

"AmeriCorps was a great way to get connected with the community and make a difference. I enjoyed the freedom to coordinate some of my own projects and learned several new skills by the time I finished."~Maria Smith, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, SMILES Alternative Education Program, 2013

"My experience with Miss Thelma and other AmeriCorps members in the school readiness program laid a wonderful foundation for my degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. My placement as a school based member in the reading room at Keystone was influential and has me thinking about eventually getting my Masters as a Reading Specialist. "~Jaime Armstrong, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, 2011

"I credit my years with AmeriCorps to the fact that I got my dream job. It allowed me to make a name for myself that substituting just couldn't do. In a saturated field with many applications to pick from, my old site supervisor sought me out 4 years after my time with AmeriCorps because she knew my abilities. "  ~ Katie Milf, SMILES AmeriCorps Alum, Reynolds Elementary, 2011