Summer Youth Programs

Programs in Clarion, Mercer and Venango Counties


Keystone SMILES offers a well rounded summer program that focuses on areas of exploration for young minds and bodies.

Keystone SMILES Preschool, Knox PA

The program uses The Creative Curriculum as a foundation for teaching early learners. The curriculum adheres to the PA Early Learning Standards, which focus on approaches to learning, creative arts, language and literacy, comprehension, logical-mathematical skills, personal-social skills, physical health, program partnerships, science activities and social studies. In addition, service-learning is an integral component of all Keystone SMILES programs.

Keystone SMILES SYC JR and SYC SR, Knox PA

SYC Jr./ Sr. is designed to engage students in learning, exploration, and citizenship activities. Healthy life styles and activities will be explored in addition to science and environmental studies.